Open iT LicenseOptimizer

Free up inactive licenses


Open iT LicenseOptimizer monitors activity levels of applications on Windows and Linux platforms, freeing up licenses not actively used, taking into consideration overall business goals.

This module continuously monitors activity levels of selected applications, and automatically optimizes their use. When LicenseOptimizer discovers an application that is inactive based on predefined parameters, the user is notified. If no response is given, the application and all its data are suspended and the license is returned to the license pool for other users to access.


The LicenseOptimizer recycles inactive licenses, ensuring efficient use of expensive software licenses. It can be customized for precise software control to monitor several types of activity events. It also monitors software use and improve productivity by allowing users to see application activities and application usage patterns.


LicenseOptimizer helps in saving money immediately by freeing up checked out licenses that are not in use. It allows prioritization of users for applications with limited licenses and compares license run time with actual active time for advanced software license analysis. It is a user-friendly license optimization tool, allowing more productivity and a better work environment.